Sex video chat in pa Picture GettySnapchat the photo and video messaging app is primarily a messaging service that has certain novelties that have made it a super appealing app in the last 5 years but has it always been a gameThe app features a trophy case that chronicleslittle milestones their users reach such as sending a certain amount of pictures a certain type of picture or a variety of video scenarios to their Snapchat friends.To access your Trophy Case on Snapchat all you have to do is open your Snapchat app you should be on your camera screen ready to take a photo then click on the Bitmoji or ghost icon in the top left corner to access your account profile page then you will see a little trophy icon above your Snapcode click this to see what you have won on the app.AdvertisementAdvertisementThere will inevitably be some emojis in your trophy case just click on the emoji to see what awards you have achieved.Thinking about the screenshots Picture GettySome of the milestones will be doubled up for example you may see a camcorder emoji click on this beside it will appear a videotape and a movie camera emoji all symbolising various milestone in your video Snapchatting life.These trophies mean absolutely nothing on the app except a mild sense of some weird form of achievement.A new batch of trophies

Sex chat with hot mums ShareThe carousel of Lenses is updated every day with fun new additions the only way to know if theres a new one is to take a look.Earlier this year Lenses for both you and a friend were introduced for example the Dog Lens works on two people at the same time.One of the most popular filters this year was the Butterflies shown with Ryan Seacrest and it proved to be a huge hit with keen user who noticed its beautifying skills. The filter appears to slim down the face and also adds a contouring and highlighting effect to the cheekbonesSnapchat first debuted the filters in 2015 and since then it has been reported that more than 30m snaps are shared a day that include these fun Lenses such as the Friends Face Swapping one that made the most popular list and was used byChrissy Teigen and John Legend in a snapThe technology for Lenses comes from a San Francisco startup called Looksery which was acquired by Snapchat.To use Lenses in Snapchat users go to the Camera screen and switch to the

Free sex on mobile no signe no LATEST SNAPCHAT NEWS ON UPDATES FILTERS AND SHARE PRICE150618 1952A girl posted a hilarious Snapchat video after discovering she had taken home a strangers dog home after a wild night out. Toni Robinson was walking home from a night out with friends when she spotted the lone dog and decided to take to her friends house in Walsall West Midlands. She wrapped the pooch underneath her dress and carried it home last

Punjabi girls sex photos Snapchat How to use the new redesigned version of the app show all 117 Find your friendsWhen you swipe right on the main camera screen youll come to the Friends page. This is where Stories Snaps messages and group chats are but theyre no longer ordered chronologically. Instead new Snaps and messages and any new Stories that Snapchat thinks youll be interested in will sit near top of the Friends page. If youre struggling to find one of your friends you can type their name into the search bar at the top of the screen. To make different types of content easier to find Snapchat is adding three tabs to the Friends page Stories Groups and All.217 Watch StoriesIf one of your friends has posted a Story you havent yet watched youll see a circular preview bubble to the left of their name. To watch the Story tap the bubble. After you watch a friends Story youll see a preview of another friends Story. You can tap the screen to watch it swipe to skip it or swipe down to exit. To rewatch a friends Story after youve already seen it you need to open their profile by tapping their bitmoji on the Friends page.317 Post StoriesYou can post your own Stories by taking a picture or recording a video on the main camera screen then tapping the arrow in the bottomright corner and selecting My Story. To check out your Story views and delete Snaps from your Story you need to visit your Profile page. You can find it by going to the main camera page hitting the profile picture immediately to

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Hookup with girl naked All the notable celebrities who have turned on SnapchatImage Stephane Cardinale CorbisCorbis via Getty ImagesSnapchat is having a bit of a moment.The tech giant once the undisputed darling of teens and celebrities alike found itself in hot water yet again last week after an insensitive ad asking users to slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown made it way onto its platform.Its yet another time in which Snapchat has found itself in trouble over the past few years. Who could ever forget the offensive Bob Marley filter Or this one Or theseSnapchat has always been a polarizing product its new redesign just the most recent piece of evidence. Still many werent at all pleased with the company after its most recent gaff. Neither was Rihanna.But who else has become annoyed with the social media platform over the past few years Heres a running list of notable celebrities who are have joined the snapchatisoverparty.1. RihannaRihanna had a very justified bone to pick with Snapchat following the offensive ad it served to its users. The company offered an apology saying that the ad was reviewed and approved in error but Rihanna clapped back with an incendiary statement on Instagram.Now SNAP

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